About Periscope Media

Without our customers, we have nothing. We take this very seriously and monitor every action closely with our inhouse team. We have cutting edge systems to uphold the highest quality from start to finish. As a digital marketing company we are highly ambitious, which has created a culture of energy, client satisfaction, constant innovation and refinement.

Some of our team

Carradean Farley

Co-Founder & Head Of Growth.

Carradean has a passion for customer service which is the foundation that periscope media was built on. Carradean loves spending time with his beautiful wife and little boy. His passions are running the business, playing the drums, music, architecture and travel.

Luke Gray

Co-Founder & Head Of SEO

Highly focused and driven is a perfect way to describe Luke. He loves studying the mind and breaking boundaries. Luke is extremely passionate about running his business, relationships, travel and golf.

Kaleb Bollen

Project Manager & Head of Web Development

Kaleb is a thinker, perfectionist and loves to experiment. Kaleb is passionate about the mind, yoga, innovation, music and travel. Kaleb also wants a Tesla.

Andy Ngothai

Head SEO Engineer

Andy is extremely dedicated to his craft and kicking goals with Periscope Media. Andy focuses on health, relationships, success and reaching his potential. You’ll also catch Andy doing yoga, at the gym and sometimes at Bondi Beach.

Chris Whitebread

Head Google Ads Engineer

Chris is meticulous with his attention to detail and results. You’ll catch Chris spending time with his lovely wife and two young ones. He loves playing the drums, cars, wine & travel. Chris is also a vegan activist.

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When you work with us, you get looked after. It’s that simple. We pride ourselves on excellent service and ROI. The last thing you want is to burn through marketing companies, you need commitment and results. It is always our focus to have you onboard for years.